March 31 is the International Transgender Day of Visibility,
a day to elevate the voices of trans people and raise awareness about the challenges they face.
That's why All Out – a global movement for LGBT+ rights – invited four amazing YouTubers
to share their experiences of being trans in different parts of the world.

Scroll down and check out what they had to say. 

Jolina Mennen is a beauty and fashion YouTuber from Germany. On her channel, she does storytimes, make-up tutorials and reviews, and also talks about her life as a trans woman.

Fede Puñales is a content creator from Uruguay. He makes comedic videos (often featuring his friends!) and also uses his channel to discuss trans issues.

Rosa Luz is an artist and rapper from Brazil. She identifies as travesti. On her channel, she shares not only her experience as a black trans woman but also her music.

Jamie Raines is a content creator from the UK. He documented his transition on his channel, Jammidodger, where he continues to share his experience as a trans man.

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